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Monday, 24 October 2016
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Dear visitor: 

With this Internet appearance I would like to give you an overview about me and to introduce myself to you both personally as well as professionally.

Best regards,
Ascan Wex


A general overview.

Click here for a general overview about me, where I introduce myself and tell you about my personal and career background.

My professional background.

If you want to learn about my professional background and business attitude, click here.

Looks like you had an amazing year Ascan. Lot's of great travel and events. Your trip to the Baltic sounds awesome. It is very fortunate that nothing happened to you in your car accident in Novem...

Saturday, 05 Jan. 2013 08:21
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Thursday, 10. Jan. 2013


to support the latest trend of publishing current news in social networks only, I have decided to temporarily publish my news on the social networks Facebook and Google+. Therefore the news are not public anymore, but are rather restricted to the groups of readers, which I would like my news to read.

The news and countless articles from 2003-2012 are available on this page. If you have questions regarding this decision or my webpage, please send me an .

Best regards
Ascan Wex ...